What Is the Difference between Greek Yogurt and Kefir?

greek-yogurt-and-kefirMany people think that because Yogurt and Kefir are both cultured milk products, there isn’t much difference between the two.

There are many differences between Yogurt and Kefir, including how they are made, the type of bacteria they have in their ingredients, and the health benefits of each one of them.

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Is really Probiotic Yogurt Beneficial for your Health?

probiotic dairy products

Lets discover now what is hidden behind the amazing Probiotic Yogurt and its effects in our lives and most above in our health!

As it is widely known, during the yogurt production, the milk incorporates some bacterial cultures and transforms into lactic acid. And finally the lactic acid combined with protein will give us our final product…the Yogurt!

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How Good is Greek Yogurt for Kids?

little girl eating healthySo what is the truth behind Yogurt for kids, should we allow our kids to eat yogurt or dessert yogurt, as much as they like? Is there a limit to the daily quantity that they can consume?


We always want to provide our children the best kind of food, which will offer them energy, good health and strengthen the immune system.

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What Exactly is Greek Yogurt? Here is Everything You Need to Know

How it’s traditionally made


Homemade yogurt in Greece is produced by boiling milk in open containers for the evaporation of water and the sterilisation of milk to occur simultaneously.


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