What Is the Difference between Greek Yogurt and Kefir?

greek-yogurt-and-kefirMany people think that because Yogurt and Kefir are both cultured milk products, there isn’t much difference between the two.

There are many differences between Yogurt and Kefir, including how they are made, the type of bacteria they have in their ingredients, and the health benefits of each one of them.

In this article we will talk about the difference between Greek Yogurt and Kefir and will let you at the end to choose which one you prefer!


difference between greek yogurt and kefirThere are two types of Yogurt: mesophilic and thermophilic. Mesophilic means that it is cultured at room temperature between 20°C and about 40°.

Thermophilic means that the culture requires a specific range of temperatures (between 45 and 122 °C) to incubate.


mesophilic-kefirKefir is a mesophilic culture, which means it can culture at room temperature. Many Yogurt strains, however, are thermophilic and require some sort of warming device to properly culture.




There is also a difference in what is used to grow the culture in the milk. Mixing a bit of a previous yogurt batch into fresh milk makes yogurt.

Check out our recipe about how to make your own Greek Yogurt! )



difference between greek yogurt and kefir in dried starter

Once the new batch is complete you may use that starter again, or if you use raw milk a separate starter is kept with pasteurized milk.

Yogurt can also be made with a dried starter. Kefir, on the other hand, is made with either a dried starter or a set of kefir “grains”.


These glutinous grains will multiply over time, leaving you with extra grains to use, give away, or compost after every batch.



When you make the Kefir, the grains are simply removed from a new batch of kefir you just made and add them to fresh milk to make the next batch.


kefir-greek-yogurt-milkIn conclusion of all the above information, the main difference between Greek Yogurt and Kefir is based on the type of cultures used to ferment the milk. Yogurt uses only bacteria, primarily lactobacillus species, while Kefir uses both bacteria and yeast.

Although Greek Yogurt can range in texture from a thick liquid to a semi solid, gel-like consistency, kefir is primarily liquid.


So now that you have checked the difference between greek yogurt and kefir, Have you decided which one you prefer, if not Take a look Here!

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What Is the Difference between Greek Yogurt and Kefir?
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